Saturday, 18 September 2010

Preliminary Filming Task Evaluation

I think that the preliminary task went quite well considering nobody in my group had filmed anything with loads of different camera angles before, or use the editing software on the mac.
I think the strenghts of our group was after reading the story board we knew in our heads how we wanted it to look so there wasn't any arguments or dissagreements on how we were going to film it.
One of my strengths was that I acted in the video, I filmed Megan walking down the corridor and I edited the first few clips together by cutting them to make them the right length and making sure they flowed properly.
I thought everything went well but one of our weaknesses was that we didnt double check all the clips before we put them together as we had originally done the close up of megans feet the wrong was as we hadn't thought of the 180 degree rule, so that had to be refilmed. Also when we did the conversation sitting at the table we hadn't done the filming over the same shoulder so that had to be redone.
Another flaw was the continuity. Megan changes outfits 3 times in the shot, as we filmed walking through the door on one day, we had to re-film the conversation on a different day, and walking down the corridor was on another day. This was in-evitable as we couldnt have filmed it on the same day.
Overall i reckon that we did quite well for our first task :)

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