Monday, 13 September 2010

5 C's

#1 Camera Angles

Long Shot

Used When telling the audience where the film is set. This lets you show all of the important information.

Medium Shot

Used most commonly in the cinema. It is used to show any character interaction.

#2Close Up

When showing the audience something/someone important.

#3 Continuity

Generally refers to visual errors. In very basic terms it means having a character in a red top one second and a blue top the next.

#4 Cutting (editing)

Vital, otherwise films would be in real time and would never end. It allows director to change locations and the main use is to either add pace to a scene to make it exciting or to slow it down for dramatic emphasis.

#5 Composition

The way something is made up, so it could be how the background of a scene is put together or the way the film is edited together.

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