Monday, 27 September 2010

Magazine Evaluation

After finishing the front cover and the contents page, the things I thought went well were the planning that I had done, which made the production stage smoother and easier to do, as I didn't have to think of different ideas so it wasn't a struggle.
The strengths I had throughout this project was that I knew what kind of photos I wanted, and the colour pallette I was going to use. As me and Becca were in a pair for photo taking, another strength was that we didn't mess around whilst taking photos so that gave us more time to get on photoshop and start editing. I thought that I had a basic idea on how to use photoshop as I'd used it in art, so that was better than starting from scratch.
Another strength I found that I had was after Mr Smith tought me how to use the magnetic lassoo, it was a lot easier to cut out the images of Becca and it looked really neat. I thought everything went well but one of the weaknesses was that I didn't have any immediate ideas when I was planning so that used up a lesson, but eventually I had more ideas and then my initial ideas came together.
A flaw in the making of this was that I was ill for the final lesson of doing our contents/front cover, so that is why the work is in late because I dont have photoshop at home.
Overall I reckon the whole task went quite well and nothing went drastically wrong :)

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