Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hollywood Film - Avatar

My notes on Avatar;

  • Directed by James Cameron
  • Budgeted $237,000,000
  • Grossed $2.6 billion, the highest grossing film of all time
  • Won many Oscars and Golden Globes
  • Cameron had the vision/idea for Avatar 20 years ago, but had to wait for the technology to catch up with his ideas.
  • Cameron patented a digital camera system called 'fusion digital camera system'
  • A handheld monitor was used to film Avatar 
  • Footage is 70% CGI, including the female lead

  • Cast wore motion capture suits whilst acting out their scenes on a 'performance capture' stage, six times bigger than anything previously used in Hollywood
  • Realism was improved by using a skull cap to capture facial expressions with close camera enhancement
  • Motion capture makes 3D easier. This technique was more closely aligned with the way high end computer games are developed
  • One major advantage was the creation of a virtual monitor. This allowed the director to see motion capture results in real time
  • Cameron developed new techniques
  • Innovative filming rig mimicked the retina of the human eye, which provided the illusion of depth
  • 21.08.09 (my birthday) was officially designated 'Avatar Day' - giving a full 15 minuets of teaser footage at hundreds of sold out cinemas across the planet
  • 21.4.09 - 20th Century fox launched the industries first rich media interactive trailer supporting the DVD. Clicking on points of interest, consumers can access extended clips from the film and in depth information about the world and inhabitants of Pandora.

  • Exhibition in cinemas required a digitally equipped cinema, also with a pair of specialised 3D glasses
  • 3d cinema tickets are more expensive
  • 320 out of 3600 cinemas are digitally equipped in the UK. In the USA 2500 out of 38000 are digitally equipped
  • It costs cinema's a minimum of 80,000 to get into a 3D position

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