Friday, 8 October 2010

Audience viewing habits questionnaire

The task we were given was to ask ten people in our class 15 questions on their film viewing habits.
Me and Becca worked together to come up with 15 questions and ask them to members of our class, here are our questions and answers;

Audience Viewing habits questionaire
After looking at this questionnaire I came to the conclusion that most of the people i asked ( bar one person) don't chose to watch a film based on it being made by an American or British film company. It is inevitable that some, clearly not many, people chose to watch a film whether it is American or British, that is down to taste and opinion. It seems that more people watch a film on its content rather than whether it is American or British. It obviously it is impossible to generalise that statement as I only questioned 11 people, not the whole population. It is clear from this questionaire that we watch more American than British films, possibly because there are less British films to watch and maybe people just like the style of American films better despite saying it doesn't affect which films they view. I also thought it was quite contrasting that people didn't seem too bothered about whether a film was in 3D or not, considering the amount of money that goes into 3D cinema, and that about half of the people we questioned didn't like the idea of a 3D tv.


  1. Izzy. Although this isn't my work I'd suggest you reconsider saying that 'people don't watch films based on whether they are made by British or American companies', your survey showed contradictory findings. Whilst people said it made no difference they seemed to watch far more American films than British. Is this because there are less British films to watch or because people don't like them!

  2. Okay, thanks sir.
    I've changed it, is this worded better?

  3. It is. This is still, without doubt, the greatest student AS blog I've ever seen. The greatest A2 blog you'll ever see is this one

  4. Thanks sir :)
    Yes, that blog is pretty amazing!